Get Cineplex Guest Survey To Win $1000 Cash

Most of us do like different types of outing stuff. Some of us like to go somewhere to enjoy some may want to have dinner with their loved ones and some may go to cinema to watch their favorite movie. Cinema industry has much improved nowadays due to new advanced technology. No matter which part of the world you are living you will see lot of movie theaters around you. Most of the movie theaters are advanced these days and offer great facilities and atmosphere to enjoy your favorite movie. Cineplex is one of the most famous cinema theaters in the world; they know how to entertain their audience. Even though they are one of the best cinema theaters across but they are still ready to improve further. For the same purpose they use to conduct an online customer satisfaction survey to get feedback from their valued customers. These online customer satisfaction surveys are great source to know the areas of improvement. You do not have to buy anything to take part in this survey.

Before you start your online survey you need:-

  • A computer which is connected with internet.
  • Recently purchased ticket of Cineplex
  • You should have an email address.

Detailed instructions are as under to complete your online survey:-

  • Visit Cineplex’s survey website i.e.
  • Select the language you better understand.
  • Enter your 17 digit survey code which is already printed on your cinema ticket.
  • Answer simple questions which will be regarding to your last visit of the cinema.
  • Enter our contact information like contact number and email address to finish your online survey.

Now you are in chance to win different prizes like movie tickets, an Apple IPhone or even some cash prizes as well.