Activate ADP Aline Card Account Online

The ADP Aline card facilitates the card holders, to check their account balances, transactions, and other financial activity. They could be used from any ATM to transfer, check or pay their money to worldwide. The account provides secure connection of direct deposit or refund of the money.

Must Know

If you want to be a company card holder, you should have an online account which deals with your financial account. In case of card expired, quickly apply for its activation, as without it, you couldn’t use the service anywhere.


The steps to activate the card on the company website is simple. You can follow the below given steps to get an account.

  • Check the link in your browser to gain the access of the website.
  • Once, your typed webpage open, you need to choose the “activate my card” option to start the simple process of the activation on the company account.
  • The next page will have the form which needs to be filled with the necessary card information in the fields. You have to enter the card number in a box which is uploaded for this purpose. The card number is always printed on the user card which was issued from the bank in return of the securities account.
  • Check again the entry of the card number, if it is entered correctly, then go to “Continue” option to move towards the next step.
  • The next form will ask for the expiry month details of your card. This would be helpful, if the card is expired and you want to activate the new card through this process.
  • Give the details of the expiry year in which card is expired and you want to apply for the new card and following this process of the activation.
  • At the last, you need to contact the representative through the activation process, so that the new card will be issued with the provided information which filled the boxes.

The user will soon contact with the company for the confirmation of the card activation process.