Join My Coke Rewards For Catalog Items

The MyCoke is the American reward giving website,which offers the plenty of rewards to its customers within the U.S


  • Check the link of a web page to find the items.
  • The page has many deals and the offers specially designed according to the customer choice. You need to select your favorite item from the available options as given.
  • Before clicking the favorite deals, the user should have a registered account on the website to get the latest products online. The entering of the username with the password will access the account online for the reward items.
  • If the user couldn’t access the account, they should go to the sign up process to get a new account with the all valid information needed to be entered in the fields which are available in the form. The process is simple, go to the window corner and find the “Join” option to get a new form for the new users.
  • It will upload the sign in form, so you need to click again on the Join button to get a new user form.
  • A new form will upload which requires certain information before moving further. The form need the public name for this account which is labeled as the Display Name as a first option.
  • The email option is the next field which requires the electronic mail address of the person for this account. Make sure, you are typing the valid address, as it is important to get the notifications about the company products to this address.
  • Type again the above mentioned email in the box labeled as the confirm email. This will confirm that you are entering the correct address for the subscription.
  • Now to secure your account from hacking and third party thefts, give it a password. The password is small enough to remember by the user for the future use.
  • Select your date of birth, which is according to the age restricted law of this form.The people who are under the age of 13 are restricted to this account.
  • Choose the gender from the Male or Female. This will confirm your gender, which could be linked with the name of your account.
  • If you are currently a resident of the U.S, then confirm your residence by ticking in the box. This option is mandatory for the citizen of the U.S.
  • Give the zip code of your state. The zip code is the U.S area code and it would be easy for the companies to locate the people in the country.
  • Do you agree with all the policies which are implemented as terms and conditions of the company account. Then accept it with the box tick.
  • Now click the “join” labeled tab to confirm complete the process.

A confirm link which linked with the new account will be sent on you email after this process.