Register To Discover For New Card Activation

The Discover card is started by the Sears to manage the customers credit card services. The company also provided different products and services in support of the financial activity of the customers.

Steps to Activate

The process to activate the card is simple. Just follow the steps below:

  • Use the url in your browser to access the official company website.
  • There are five boxes which will display for the account invitation number. You should enter this information in the field as it will be printed on your card. If you know the login in information on this website. It will open your account. But the new members should choose the “I can’t find invitation number” to first create an account.
  • This option will open the new page which has some forms available. It will either find your offer, if you are sure about the registration. Otherwise, go to the “log in” tab to get the link of the registration form which is mentioned as the “register now”.
  • To give the security, you need to fill all the fields of the Primary card member and the other card info in their boxes. This will give the info about the member who is applying.
  • Give the account number under the card info tag form. It should be your 16-digit account number whose card needs to be activated on this website.
  • Note the expiry date of your card which is always printed on it to enter properly in the expiration date box.
  • Under the primary card info, you choose the appropriate date of birth. It will allow the user to access the online card services of this company.
  • The last 4 digits of the SSN which should be person own number should be entered in the last box. This will confirm their residence in the U.S.
  • If you want to continue, then click the orange button which is labeled with white color text as “Next”.
  • Keep filling and following the steps as given in next pages. This will complete your application.

The card activation status will be updated after contacting with the user for the further inquiry.