Access My ED Account For The Student Loan Application

The my Edaccount is the online website which gives the students an opportunity to apply for the education loans and other services offered by the companies.


There are some easy steps to apply for the student loan through this website.

  • Use the provided link to get the other available list of services given by this website to the users.
  • The list of all the available options are given, you need to select your choice of service from the list. As you are applying for the Student loan, so click the first option which is tagged as required.
  • It will open the webpage of the Federal Aid for the Students where you need a free account for the application of the loan.
  • The website requires the PIN for the students who want to apply or already a member of this web site to check the status of this program in their account. The new loan applicants should use the “PIN site” option which is given under the Log On option to first apply for this service.
  • Before proceeding in the application, with the “Apply Now”, you should keenly read all the features, rules and the conditions so avoid misconception in the future about the loan program for your studies.
  • Start posting your personal details like SSN and name in the format as given in their respective fields. This will noted down by the company for the acceptance of the loan application.
  • Give the exact date of birth in the field as the format is given with the name on the form page. Try to fill this page with all correct and complete data.
  • The typing of the mailing address in the form is the next step. This contains your postal address, where all the required documents and the loan help would be send from the Government or the respective authorities.
  • Name the city in the box to tell the correct residential city name of the United States of America.
  • Select the state option from the list. It has all the names of the states which are located in the United States. If the name of your state is not mentioned, contact the customer service for your assistance.
  • Give the zip code which will identify your code of area in the United States selected States where the user is currently residing.
  • The next additional information is provided as email address. This address is mandatory as you will get the updates of your applications in this address.
  • Select the challenging question from the list and answer properly in a given box. This will recover the user account, in case, they forget the password or their account hacked by the third party.
  • You can either create your desire PIN or could ask for the company to allocate you PIN for the new account. This information is mandatory in the signing of an account.
  • Click “next” to complete further information.
  • Follow as given to get a loan benefit from the government.

All the data would be private and would be used for the applicable services.