Fill The HALLMARK Feedback Form And Get Lucky

The Hallmark is the world international retailer of ornaments, clothes, cards and others.

Guidelines to get the reward

Follow the simple steps of filling the survey and earn prizes.

  • Visit the url of the retailer account to fill the survey form to get the exciting prizes in the lucky draw.
  • The survey form needs a receipt number before filling the form. The customer who doesn’t have the number, they couldn’t access the survey prize which would be earned after completing the whole process online.
  • After finding the receipt information, which is printed on it, you need to enter the data, such as the survey number in the first field.
  • Select the date from the calendar as given on the page. This date should be the exact date on which you have shopped from the store. This would be given on the receipt received from the store.
  • The next field is for the entry of the Military Time which contains the time on which you have shopped from the retail store. This data would be given on the receipt.
  • Give the amount of your total shopping bill which you have paid after shopping through the store. This would be entered in the digits in the boxes.
  • Now move to the “Start” button to find the survey questions for winning the rewards from the company store.
  • The next page would be related to the experience, recommendations or other information which you have experienced while shopping in the retail store. You could provide negative answers to, if you are not satisfied with the any products of the company store.
  • The last page of the survey will require the personal information of the customer who shared the experience and the other related information in the form.
  • Give the information like gender, age, city where you are currently residing. This information would be used for the recipient lucky draw prize as they would receive after completing the process.

After the form filled, the customer would get their prizes from the company.