How To Access My Medical Payment Account Online

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The My Medical Payments is an online portal for the patients which are registered on their website, with the important details.


The company provides benefits and health plans to its customers. The payment process of health plans is simple. It has secure procedure of paying for the health plans.


With the registered account, the patients not only get the secure way to pay on the company plans, they could also manage their account balances which are available 24/7 for them. The bill will be submitted at the customer address by the company at the end of the every month. They could also check their billing details online through their accounts.

Guide to Start:

There are many ways through which you could open your account on this website. Follow this step to get the online services:

  • Visit the website to get the login field for your registered account online.
  • The unregistered users could get a new account by filling the details in the field which is needed to be entered in the registration form uploaded by the company.
  • The registered user easily accesses their account, by entering the account number in the box. This information would be verified the user identity which could be selected through the drop down menu as available in the form.
  • Next, you, have to provide the patient date of birth. This information you have entered when you created a new account on the website. You should provide the right information in the field.
  • If you accept all the terms and conditions which are applied in the company, then go to the link which is given as an agreement of the user for this new account. Must aware, with all the statements to ensure your agreement.
  • You should click the “Sign in” button after completing the all details in the respective field. This will proceed the process which will complete the login process.

For getting the assistance about the company services, then go to the”contact us” link for your queries.