How To Access Century Link Account Online For New Updates

The Century Link Incorporation is a United States company which offers its valued customers, the best telecommunication services, data services and the related services in the business and other institutes. The company headquarter is located in the Monroe, Louisiana.

Important to Understand

The user should have a computer and an internet device which would access the account on this website. The user who was already a member of this website, could access their registered account on the website.

Guidelines to get

There are certain steps which help to access the account which are registered on the website. The steps are given below:

  • Insert the URL on your browser window which is a link of the company.
  • As you see on the right top side of the window, you will find the main menu which has a “Log In” option for the members who are registered on this website. This will enable you to check the notifications and the updates which are sent from the company at this address. You could also personalize the page, if you choose the news from the list of your choice.
  • Give the login details in this field such as username which is selected by the user as they sign up an account on the websites. The domain name is also selected from the drop down menu which have more names in it.
  • Give the password of your account on this website. The password is small and easy to use by the user on the website. This is to secure the account on the company site.
  • Hit the “Log in” button to submit the information and access the account which is already registered on the company site as a user account.
  • You can also select the “ Keep Me” option to save this information in this field which is used for the login information.

The user could monitor the user account and manage all the financial transactions online through this account. For further assistance, you could contact the company representatives to get the help online and could contact on their phone numbers.