Join To My Subway Card For The Activation

The famous American food chain is Subway, which give quality of junk food to the customer.

Steps to follow:

The food chain, offers its customers, the delicious meal and special cards to get their exciting deals through the card.The registration for the card is simple. You need to follow the below mentioned steps as given. Subway offers its customers a specific procedure for online card registration, which can be completed by following the steps mentioned as under:

  • Try the web address of the food chain company to get the registration of the card online.
  • Chose the option “Buy a Subway card” which is available at the right top of the company. This will create a new account of this card on the website. You can add almost 10 cards option which is added per unit of time on the web page.
  • The charge amount of applying for the card on the website is almost $1000 of the U.S dollars. You should be aware of this charge amount before applying for this card.
  • You need to choose the currency from the options as given i-e Canadian Currency and the U.S currency. This choice depends on the user, in which they need to pay for this card.
  • You will find the list of card designs from the available list. You need to select the design of the card of your choice from the options. The user also could add their own digital photo on the card if they want.They just need to add their photo on the available option to print on their selected card.
  • Next, you need to select the dollar amount from the list, which is needed to be added in the respective bar.
  • The card requires the name of the recipient, address, sender and message which they need to be printed on the card. This message will be printed on the card as a gift card which you will receive from the company.
  • Give the complete and valid information of the delivery of items such as the name of the receiver, the address of the receiver, location and other important details for the successful delivery.
  • At the end of the form, you will locate the “Calculate shipping” button which will calculate the charges which you would pay for this card after all the options selected for the card.
  • Click :”check out” to end the process of the shopping.

You also add more card selections and the options on this website.