Access The My Test Results Account Online

The My Test Results are an effective online website which provides its customers, a golden opportunity to monitor their test results from the different laboratories. They need to provide the necessary details in the fields and could check their test results online in a much effective ways. All the results which are mentioned on the website are reliable. You could get the reliable inquiry service through this website.

The Televox is a West Corporation product which is a United States telecommunication company. The company is based in the U.S.A the Omaha, Nebraska.

Steps to follow:

Here are some easy steps which need to be followed for the accessibility of an account online.

  • Open the link to access the company website for the services which are offered to the customers.
  • You need to give the number of the customer in the first bar. This would be given to the customer when they created a new account on the website.
  • You need to enter the client login details in the next tab. This id was assigned by the company when they have successfully completed the registration process.
  • Give the personal identification number in the next field. This ID would identify the customer and it would be different for the different types of the customers.
  • The user, if not able to give the number of the customer, they could also provide the client number at the first bar. Both the numbers are acceptable by the company in the login process.
  • You could also provide the user Id instead of the client login details in the next field. This is acceptable and would give the secure login on this website.
  • After completing all the fields, you need to click on the “Login” button which will work if the login details are properly entered with all the valid details which are essential on this page.

If you would forget the login details, then the “Remember Me” option is available for you to store the information for the future use.