How To Access My Zpay For Online Payments

The Zpay give the customers, an effective and an efficient way to perform all the tasks which relates to the E-Commerce. By visiting the official website of the company, you can check the different products which are offered by the company.


With this service, the customer could check the various other services like time clock, payment window and others.


The company is award winning due to its reliable and efficient services which are offered to the users around the globe. They have achieved many awards and the recognitions for their products and the services since the company launched into the competitive market.


You could adopt the services on the trial basis. If you need to check their services and products, the company will offer you 30 day trial period for this service.

Guidelines to follow:

If you want to pay your bills or the any charge amount, then follow the steps as below to get the services of the company online:

  • You can visit the website link of the company which is to get the account services.
  • As you see on the page, the different options and the features which are offered by the company to its valued customers, who are registered on their website with their information. You can also find the “Make Payment” option which is given on the right side of the window.
  • As you click on this button, the pop up window will appear,which will require the website address which is given on your statement received from the company. Carefully give all the web address in this bar.
  • After entering the web address,now go to the “Go” button to submit the details on the website and to access the next screen which requires the more information of your payment details access.
  • The user could cancel the procedure, by simply clicking on the “Cancel” button which is available at the right top of the window.

This service is not limited to the online payment procedure,you could also access this service, for the other financial activities such as withdrawing of cash, electronic commerce and others.