Access Division Of Employment To Change Your PIN

Department of employment security is official state department which offers its services for employment of the residents of the state of North Carolina in United States of America and offer different programs and recruitment options for employers as well. Government offers specific amount of budget for the operations of this department. You can visit the official website of this department in order to get different services from it such as filing an employment claim, reporting a fraud, viewing your claim profile, unemployment insurance services, legal department rules and regulations and many more. This department can also be contacted using the contact information to register complaints using their contact information.


In order to change your personal identification number on this website, you can follow the steps which are given below:

  • Go to the official web portal where it offers its services which is
  • In the lower menu under the title “DES home”, select the first option which is “Claimant services”.
  • There are three columns of options on this screen. In the second column, find and click the “Change your PIN” option.
  • Read all the details which are important in order to understand the steps through which you are going and enter your user ID and personal identification number to log in.
  • The website also offers you help in case if you have trouble remembering your PIN number.
  • This department has specific timings in which you can login as a user.

Login to your account and change your pin using the instructions shown n main screen of your computer.