Open Netspend Card Online Account

Netspend Co. is an American company which offers financial debit card services to its customers. This company has been able to provide its reliable services since late 1980s. This company’s interest rate showed a sudden increase at the end of year 2006 by making this rate equal to 3%. Netspend has received a number of awards such as best entrepreneur in the region, small business investment of the year, innovation awarded and awards for the best ideas in field of finance and banking. One of the companies which hold a great share in this company is Oak Investment Partners.


Using the website of this company, you can open an online card holder account as follows:

  • Go to the official website of this company which is
  • On the top right side of Netspend’s official page, find the orange button stating “Open a new account”.
  • This will open up a new tab in your web browser leading you to the new account procedure.
  • The left side of screen will display all the benefits of registering this account while at the right side; you can fill all the details for account registration.
  • These details include your complete name, address, apartment number if applicable, complete location of the place where you live, postal code and Email ID. Check the way of payment that you want to receive in the fastest way.
  • Read the card holder agreement and specify the card with which you want to register your account.

Click the continue button to enter further details and complete this registration. You have different options of payment methods such as paycheck, government benefits, tax refunds or none of these.