Get Started Your Office Max Assurance Protection Plan

Do you want to get support online for your purchases? Then you are at the right place where you can get MaxAssurance Protection Plan at your fingertips. All customers are welcome to get register 24/7 to get plans of their choices and other product supports services. If you have your receipt and products info handy then you can easily get register online to choose your desire protection plan.

To get enroll into the plan you should take care of these things that are mentioned below:

  • Keep your track about your purchase and saving your receipt or product info.
  • Don’t tore your receipt
  • You can access this service 24/7 online for claiming and tracking services.
  • You can get register here by using your social accounts.


  • Visit this URL and register your Assurance Protection Plan
  • Choose “Office Max” option.
  • On the next page click on “Get started” button.
  • Provide “First name” “Last name” “Email address” “Phone” “Country” and “Zip”.
  • And press “Submit” button.