Participate In Office Max Official Survey And Win $2 Discount

Well, if you are a regular customer of the Office Max and you often do purchasing there, then you can get the best offer and deals from their website as they are offering you the great quality services along with great benefits and promotions online. Like, there is a $2 discount that is currently available from the Office Max and it can be achieved by participating in their customer satisfaction survey at and it can be easily achieved by doing just a couple of simple and easy steps that can lead you to the completion of the entire process and make you eligible to get that $2 discount on everything you purchase from them next time. So, what are you waiting for or what else pace you are looking for instead of the Office Max? You can get the best benefits from the Office Max and you can also participate in the Office Max official customer satisfaction survey to win discounts and prizes from there. So, if you are here to get that offer, then let me show you how you can do this.

How do I do this?

So, here are the few steps to follow in order to get discount by participating in the survey:

  • You have to click the link and right after you will be taken to the Office Max official website where you can start the survey.
  • Now, when you are there, then you can see some fields (four of them) those are blank at the time and you can write the 11-digit code that will be located on your purchasing receipt and after entering that you can click the “Start” button/link to start the survey.

Only the couple of steps at can get you a chance to win discount on the things you buy at the official Office Max website.