Register Your Complaint Against The Government Fraud

New York State Comptroller is doing the duties of auditing the operations of government. It has been performing the function of resisting the fraudulent activities happening in the government organizations as well as private contractors who are engaged in doing businesses with the New York State.

OSC is a great source for the citizens of the state where they can report such activities to make the workings of the government employees clean and save themselves from any case of fraud. There are no complications involved in it. You can very easily find a form which can be submitted online as well as it can be printed and then mailed to the officials to register your complaint.

Requirements To Report

  • To report about the fraud or any similar activity, you must have a computer or a smartphone with you.
  • That should have an access to the internet as well.

Step by step Guides

  • First thing you need to do is to open the website that will give you the online form which can be used for the concerned purpose.
  • On this page, you will see the text “File a complaint form”. Under that you will have two options, “Online” and “Print and mail”.
  • If you want to report online then click on the “Online” button otherwise click on “Print and Mail” button that will open a PDF file for you so that you may take a print easily.
  • You will then have to provide some of your personal information in the form like name, address, zip code, city, state, email address and phone number.
  • At the end, a box will be there where you can write the details of the fraud, corruption or any mismanagement you have experienced.
  • After completing that, click on “Submit” button.
  • For the submission of the form, you will be asked to register yourself.
  • Follow the simple instructions and create an account so that you may report it easily.
  • Provide your name, address, phone number, username and the password to give your personal information that will be asked during the process of creation of your account.