Access Publisher Clearing House To Claim Your Prize Online

Publisher clearing house is a marketing company which is dealing with magazine subscription, sweepstakes, gifts, grand prizes based on lottery and games. PCH was founded by Harold Mertz in 1953. It is providing facility of online sweepstakes and shopping on its website. If you want to claim your prize entry you can do so by accessing its website and enroll yourself by following given below set of guides and win grand prize of 700000 week after week and become a big lucky winner by just following few steps of execution.


  • You need to have a computer with internet connection
  • You have to visit website of PCH ( Publisher clearing house)


  • Open website of Publisher clearing house at to claim your prize.
  • You will find a promo on home page to claim your prize by clicking on button which is labeled as “Begin”
  • This click will bring another window where you have to provide necessary information as directed.
  • First of all you have to select title from drop down list and enter your first and last name in marked fields.
  • Provide zip code of your area in mentioned field of text in order to specify your location.
  • Enter your date of birth by selecting year of birth, day and month from given list.
  • Enter your Email address twice to authenticate your data.
  • Click on check of “Remember me” to keep yourself active all time.
  • Click on given check boxes to get emails and assure that you have no objection with privacy policy.
  • At the end click on button which is marked as “submit the entry” located at the bottom of web page.