How To Claim Your Lost Phone From Asurion Insurance Online

The Asurion is the best worldwide innovation insurance organization. Which helps you to claim your lost phone from the company. The company works best if you claimed in 60 days and with the general personal information about the person who had those devices and the services which he/she is using for the mobile internet and call services. There are many cellular companies who are providing telecommunication services to their customers worldwide. It is a third party security provider for the missing or lost mobile phones. If the user of the phone needs to claim for the lost or repair of their phones, then they could easily claim on the company website. The process is free and quick and it requires less time and money to get your asset back.

Important Instruction

Before claiming of your lost or broken phone, the user should have the valid insurance information of its product. The user should know about the company and the usage details before claiming to the insurance company for the device. The user should have a remote number which help to locate and send the exact model and phone version to the customer after the two days of the claim requests sent by the users. The user should have a computer and an internet to online on the company website. The user could claim for the lost phone or broken in 60 days.

Steps To Start

  • Click on the link
  • As the window appears, now select the provider whose service you are using on your mobile phone i-e AT & T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and others.
  • As the new window start, click on the Start a Claim to proceed the process.
  • Now, as the new window appears, it requires information about what happened, some documentation of your phone as to verify the claim request with the valid information about the product. Click on the “let’s start” button to fill the form.
  • Follow the instructions as asked to complete the form in the next window with phone number, user name and other details as required in the window.
  • Click “Continue” when you are done.

The claim product would be at your door step in next 2 business days.