Login To Power Up Rewards To Win Rewards

Power up reward is credit system which provides rewards o purchase of Games, Magazines, Entertainment software’s and any stuff related to games. Power up reward is a program which transfers points to your reward card account when ever to deal in any kind of dealing in games and things related to games. If you don’t have an account goes to home window to the website of power up rewards. To make an online account activation Click on the activate my account and fill in the card number and other necessary information required for the activation. Power up rewards offers different kinds of deals to the members of the web site or company.

To access to Power up rewards online account follow steps:


  • Go to the link www.poweruprewards.com
  • There will be a customer section on the window
  • Click that link to go to the customer corner on the home window
  • There will be two sections in this section
  • First is if you don’t have an account make a new one for your self
  • Second is log in to existing account
  • Click on the second link to continue
  • Enter your rewards id
  • Enter you accounts pass word
  • Press login to continue to the accounts window
  • Click on win rewards to get offers of getting rewards from online shopping of games and equipment related to games.

In case you forget your password go to the login section again and click on forgot your password and follow link this Procedure always helps to recover you forgotten pass word is case this link doesn’t help click on the helps section to get on help or click on contact us for further information or get to management committee.