Access Your Prepaid Card Holder Account And Manage It At BrightWell Payments

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The complex business demands can be solved by the remedies provided by the BrightWell Payments that are very easy and simple. Its products consist of Visa cards, MasterCard and prepaid cards that are for the payroll, expenses, corporate rewards and incentives. You may get exposed to the challenges of differentiated and novel nature which caused the experts to come up with the solutions that are innovative, creative, appropriate and ideal for the firms.


A broad range of programs, products and services are offered by them. The cardholders can avail variety of benefits through the programs which include management of the online account free of charges, notifications for the texts and emails, instant funds access and eradication of the check cashing fees and also the 24 hour online support for cardholders.

You can get the services of BrightWell by registering online for an account. Once you register and account, you can easily manage it and obtain solutions related to the cash management and prepaid car management.


  • You will require a computer for this purpose.
  • That computer must be connected with the internet.
  • Prepaid card is also required to make an account.

 Instructions for the Management Procedure

  • When you create your account with the BrightWell, you will be able to sign in to your account and manage for the purpose you are looking for.
  • To manage your account, you can visit the website by typing the link which will direct you to the home page.
  • At this home page, you will be shown a bar in which prepaid card is to be typed.
  • As you would have already register your account by providing the complete information of your card, you can therefore see that information on your screen once you click on the “Enter” button after entering your card number.
  • Now you can see the transaction of your card and other details and adjustments can also be made without any complexity.