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Sitting together and having dinner with your family is one of the happiest moments of our lives. For a family it is very necessary to have this type of activity no matter it is at your home or somewhere in restaurant. It helps us to keep our relations fresh and close. A dinner cannot be memorable without good atmosphere. There are so many restaurants which are offering these facilities. Share The Table is one place where you can enjoy all these facilities. They are providing free online recipes so you can make your desired food items prepared at your home. Visit Share The Table’s website to get all the recipes free of cost. Company is taking very good initiative that if you go to website and just open it you are giving donation of $1 to needy persons around and you will get a free of cost recipe book of Mario Batali. This book is very useful and will guide you how to cook different kind of recipes. Another aspect which inspires people to visit this website is that by visiting this site you can win some exciting prizes as well.

You just have to fill an online form and get register on website:

  • A computer which is connected with internet.
  • Sign in with your twitter account.
  • Simply visit
  • Complete all the formalities and get your points accordingly.

You can also play “Casa Barilla” and can win their prizes. You need a code; you can get this code by calling on their helpline number which is 1-800-922-7455 free of cost. Your chances of winning prizes will keep increase as you visit the website. You can continue this routine daily. You can continue this game on your twitter account.