Redeem Your Skype Voucher By Signing In To Your Account

We all are familiar with the skype which is a software that gives a great quality of video chat to the users along with the text messages. For the video chat, it is under the preference of most of the people all around the globe.

Skype also sells its users vouchers which are actually the electronic credit vouchers. These vouchers are available at numerous retail outlets. There is no need to make any payment for your skype voucher online. To remain in touch with the friends and family by using skype, these vouchers help you a lot by topping up your skype credit.

You can redeem your voucher signing to your account. The process is simple and less time consuming.


  • You will need a computer or your smartphone through which you can sign in to your account.
  • Your electronic voucher that you have received from the outlet.

Steps to redeem the voucher

  • You will have to open the webpage of skype by typing which will direct you to the concerned page.
  • Here you can sign in to your account by entering your skype name and password.
  • If you do not have an account, then first make your account by clicking on “Create new account”.
  • After signing in, you can see in the middle of the page an option of “Redeem Voucher”. Click on that.
  • Now enter the voucher number that is written on your electronic voucher receipt which you got from the store.
  • Then check the box marked as “I agree to the Skype Terms of Service” and then press the “Redeem voucher or prepaid card” tab.
  • After that your credit balance of skype will be updated within fifteen minutes.
  • In case you have bought the voucher online, then you will get your voucher code through an email. There will be a link in your email clicking on which will open the Redeem Voucher page for you and the voucher number will automatically be entered.