Check Staples Easy Rebates Status Online

The staple Easy Rebate is an online program where if a product is already sold then the customer can get discount , return or refund of money that was paid by the customer this is rebating . Staples Easy Rebate Provides Different type of discounts on purchase of staples.


  • Their Official Website is
  • If you are looking for submission of your easy rebate form or interested in getting a new “Mail in Rebate Form” this is the place to get things done easy and fast.
  • There are basically two types of rebates with Staples Easy Rebate on the basis of location of the purchase.
  1. Brought from a store
  2. Online Purchase from Your internet connection either from your home or your office.

First of all Procedure for the Rebate of the Product bought from a store is.

  • Click on the “Bought in a store” option.
  • For getting started you need to provide two basic thing
  1. Rebate offer number
  2. Easy Rebate Id number

You can find your rebate offer number in the center of your Rebate Redemption form on the other hand Easy Rebate Id Number is Present in the bottom of your form under bar code. It is 17 digit number.

Make sure that you keep your receipt with you until the validation of your rebate.

  • Click on the box “Start now” and validate your rebate for a store purchase.

For Online purchase Following are the steps.

  • Order Number consisting of 10 Digits
  • Rebate Offer Number

Both of the information can be found on the online slip of your purchase.

Either by a Purchase confirmation email or a Packing Slip.

Like all other websites this website also has a FAQ section which helps you understand the procedure.

All of you questions are answered in FAQ section or you can chat with a live agent to get live support.