Access Sunbiz To File Re-installment

Sunbiz website is the official website of the Florida Department of Corporations which offers information about the different companies, partnerships, registered firms and many more. This website certifies the officially registered companies and helps the internet users by providing all the necessary information about these companies. This company has 3 main addresses on which you can contact them via Emails. These addresses can be found on the official website of Sunbiz. In addition to the filing services, this website also offers you help in searching for documents of your choice and forms related to partnerships, judgment lien, fee schedule and many others.


You can file a re-installment using the sequence of steps which are listed as under:

  • Go to the official web link where this department of Florida offers re-installment procedure which is
  • There are two buttons on the main screen which are file reinstatement and get online reinstatement instructions. You can click the second one in case if you want to read the instructions prior to filing the re-installment. Press “File reinstatement” to start the procedure.
  • Enter the twelve digit document number which is displayed on your document. The number has first alphabetical character while the rest of the number consists of numerical values. Click the “Submit” button for reinstatement.
  • You can make the payments for this procedure using your credit or debit card. This department also accepts money orders for payments.
  • You can also send a check for payment but the checks will be not acceptable via Email. They would only be acceptable via mail.

You can your Sunbiz officially registered account for reinstatement filing as well as the payment procedure online.