Access Sun Pass To Add Funds Online

Sun pass is a Digital Toll Collection System made by Florida Department of Transportation’s Florida’s Turnpike and currently it is used in Florida. This system is pretty beneficial it provides a benefit of 25 cents in different toll plazas of Florida. In Florida Sun pass is a Kind of pass in which the user has the privilege to cross toll booth at a speed of 25 miles per hour or in other words 40 kilo meter per hour. This doesn’t mean you cannot cross the limit. If you exceed the prescribed limits it can result in receiving a traffic violation ticket. On other places sun pass is used only for high speed lanes on the express roads. Support a speed of 65 Miles per hour or 105 kilometer per hour. Sun Pass Transponders can be replaced with other car transponders or you can even use a sun pass transponder of one vehicle in the other vehicle. The Transponder of your car communicates with the toll barriers equipment and after the successful completion of your payment you can listen and witness the confirmation of your payment.

To Deposit cash to your Sun pass Card click to open

  • Click home to visit the home page of Sun pass system
  • Click on add funds
  • Fill in the required spaces
  • Enter you sun pass number
  • Enter your credit card number
  • Enter Amount to be transferred and means of transfer
  • Click submit to verify
  • Your amount has been added to your sun pass

The only technology which is un compatible with the Sun Pass is E – Z Pass The main purpose of Sun Pass is to control traffic jams and maintain a balanced flow of traffic on both sides of the road or highway. Time is important all this is to save your time and to save the road from trouble.