Visit Switch Board To Find People And Business Online

If you are looking for your friend or family member or any business and you are fail to get access to them then you can find them online. Now you must be thinking how you can find anyone online? Well, the answer is Switch board, it allows you to search people or business by their names and location. All you have to do is enter name of persona along with location including name of city, state and zip code and wait for a while you will be redirected to a list of people or business that matches with your search criteria. For further assistance please read set of instructions given below.


  • You must own a computer with internet access
  • Visit website of Switch Board

Step wise instructions:

  • Open official URL of website Switch Board at
  • This website will help you to find a person or business online.
  • Visit home page of website on as link is given above. You will find a search boxes on home pages.
  • In order to find people, you have to enter name of person along with name of state, city or zip code in mentioned text boxes and click on button of “Search” which will take you to available results.
  • In order to find business, you have to mention category or name of business with name of city, zip code and state.
  • Click on button of “Search” you will be taken to all similar results which matches with your criteria of search
  • In section of “Reverse Phone” provide phone number in given field and click on button of “Search”
  • This is how you can find people, business through phone number, name, business category along with their locations.