Take Tilly’s Customer Survey To Win $25 Gift Card

Tilly’s is one of the leading retailers for sports items like accessories, shows and clothing. The customers are offered broad varieties of the brands of the great players in motocross, skate, surf and the industry of lifestyle apparel. You can purchase the products from the retail stores as well as from the online source which is the website of the Tilly’s.

Tilly’s allows the customers to share their experiences with the company as well. Being a customer, you are free to give any opinion about the company through which it will be able to make amendments in the products and services. Eventually you are the one who will get benefit from that as the services will be customized depending on your comments.

Win A $25 Gift Card

The survey can be completed in 5 minutes and company does not want you to involve in the time consuming activity while you can also have a chance to win a gift card of $25 through a sweepstakes. The survey is kept hidden from everyone so company does not let others to see what you have shared about it. So through your participation in a simple process, Tilly can determine the quality of its service.


  • The survey can be taken by having a computer and an access to the internet connection.
  • You should have your receipt with you during the survey.

Directions for the Survey

  • Open the webpage www.Tillys.com/Survey to reach the survey of Tilly’s.
  • The page will show you a receipt as a sample which will let you know about the procedure for filling the information.
  • The information you have to enter will be obtained from your receipt. Is will include the date and time of your visit and the city and the state in which you visited.
  • The name of the sales person will also be provided.
  • Then you will be given few questions regarding the experience you had at the store and the products you have purchased.
  • After the completion of the survey, participate in the draw for which provide some of your personal information like name, age, sex, email address and phone number.