Access The Virginia Lottery To Get Alerts On The Winning Numbers

You can be one of the luckiest men if you are interested and used to take part in lottery drawing. There are so many lottery draws available in the markets and some of us do win some exciting cash prizes. If you are a Virginia Lottery user you can not only win in sweepstake but also can get alerts on your mobile phones of winning draws and their other facilities and about their rules and regulations as well. All you need is to just register your mobile number with them and you will be able to get all the notifications which will help you a lot. Because you do not have to go anywhere to check your lottery numbers and find their status. They will inform you automatically specially the numbers which are selected for prizes.

Let’s do it!

  • Visit
  • Now you will see the Virginia Lottery official page where you would need to explore the link to the latest winning numbers.
  • There is a “View Winning Numbers” on the top right corner in red color and you should click that.
  • Enter your personal details and sign in with your ID and password.
  • Complete the process by completing some easy steps.

It is very important that you should read and understand all the requirements, rules and regulation of the lottery before you purchase and start your lottery. Now you can check the status of your lottery number by simply visiting the Virginia Lottery’s official website. If you think you are a lucky person you should try this because this is the place where you can get a chance to win some of the best prizes you ever can.Top of Form