Access Multimedia Messages (MMS) At Vodafone Get My Phone

Vodafone is a world renowned telecommunication company based in England and has its branches in all over the world. It is one of the largest revenue earning telecommunication companies in the world these days. Vodafone Company offers different electronic items like Mobile phones, Digital televisions and also internet services as well. They started their business in early 90s. It is internet age so we can find almost everything on internet. Vodafone provides an online MMS viewing service at their official website by the name of “Get My Photo”. This facility is basically for those who are not able to see this on their mobile phone. The can watch this on the Vodafone’s website by simply following the few steps and it will not cost them anything.

View MMS by accessing and doing some easy steps:

  • You need to have a computer with internet connection to start this.
  • You need to have Vodafone and recently receive a MMS.
  • You need a password to see your MMS. This password is in your received MMS.
  • You need to visit
  • You need to provide your mobile number.
  • Enter your password which is in your MMS which you already had received.
  • Enter the button “Login” to continue.
  • At next step you will see different instructions you need to follow the instructions and complete the online process.

By using this facility you can also view pictures, listen different sounds/songs and videos you received via MMS. You also can save them and can forward the same to someone else also. By doing this online activity you can see all these items with ease which might not be possible on your mobile phones due to some reasons.