Access Verizon Wireless Service To Send Your Message

Verizon is the wireless network operating in USA since 2000. Its 108 million subscribers make it the largest mobile network in the country. Verizon network allows its users to use the multimedia messages as well. Pictures and video messages can be sent if you have a device that is capable of that.

Send Multimedia Messages

Multimedia messages are the requirement of most of the users now through which you can share pictures or a 30 second video to others. You can now enjoy the enhanced level of the text as well as multimedia messages as a Verizon customer. When you are looking to send a video message, then some text can also be added with it. The pictures and the videos can not only be received on your smartphone device but also to the email address of Verizon picture & video messaging.

Online Photo Albums

Through the text message, online photo albums of Verizon can be visited as well by which photos or video messages can be viewed. The use of multimedia messages and the sending of the videos or photos depends on the device you have. You can get access to the service by signing up for an account and then log in to it.


  • To get access and sign up for the account, you will need a computer or a smartphone.
  • Your computer should be connected with internet
  • It is necessary to be a register subscriber with the Verizon.

Steps to get Access

  • Open the main website of Verizon for the multimedia messaging which is
  • At the bottom, an option of “Click a Message” will be seen. Click on that.
  • Log in by entering the user ID and password you have created. If you do not have an account then register yourself by providing some personal information.
  • Once you have logged in, the instruction will be there for you. Follow them.
  • Search the media item you need to send. Select the “Preview & Send” option so that you may have a look at the message you are sending and then send it to an email or a mobile number.