Get Walmart Money Card Online

Walmart Incorporation is an American company that offers its customers a number of products and services under one roof in its stores. The products offered by this company include all the super store products. It also provides its customers money cards for shopping and getting discount at these stores. This company came into being in 1945 when an employee working at an outlet of J.C. Penney, bought an outlet of Ben Franklin stores. The founder of this company aimed to increase its sales by providing all of its products at minimal rates. This company offers all of its products on retail prices except the price in case of time to time discount.


You can register a money card online by going to the official website of this company and visiting the Walmart money center. You have to follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the official web link where this company offers its customers the money card options, which is
  • In order to get a money card, click the “See new cards” button to view all the card options.
  • Each card is provided along with its pictorial representation and name. You can click the “detailed view” button to view a summary of each of these cards.
  • You can get this card from your nearest walmart store or get it online. To get a card online, click the “Get online” button.
  • Select the type of card that you want to receive along with this money card. The summary of each card displays benefits offered by it.
  • You can create your own card or get a standard card from the bank.
  • Enter the initial amount of money that you want to load in this card and continue to the next step.

Provide all the required information to get this money card.