Activate Your Monthly Pass Of Weight Watchers

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Weight Watchers provides bunch of services for the people which are interested in losing their weights. One of the services of the company is the Monthly Pass from which the members can take benefits by asking for assistance for the weight loss. The members does not include minor, pregnant and those whose weight is not more than five pounds above the weight that is recommended for them considering their age and height.

Monthly Pass gives you the free registration, free access to the eTools and unlimited meetings every month. The service can be purchased from either Weight Watchers Meeting or through its website by paying $9.92 for a week as the monthly package can be obtained by spending $42.95. When you have bought the service, you will then have to go through the Activation process of the Monthly Pass so that you can get the Pass card for every month.

Requirements To Sign Up

  • A computer or a smartphone will be needed.
  • That must be connected to the internet with a quick speed.
  • Activation must be done within the seven days of the purchase of the Pass.

Steps You Need To Follow

  • Visit the webpage which will take you to the Monthly Pass page of the Weight Watchers.
  • Enter the access code that is present on the starter voucher you have. Do not add dashes in it.
  • After that you need to fill out the fields that will require your introductory information such as your name, email address, phone number, address, username and password that will be the part of the sign up process.
  • At the end tick the box that says “Accept the Monthly Pass Subscription Agreement” and then click on “Complete Sign up”.
  • After the completion of the process of signing up, check your email that will give you the Monthly Pass Card.