Take Part In Wendy’s Dip And Squeeze Promotion To Win $1000

Wendy’s dip and squeeze is series of restaurant that spread all around in the US. They present good quality and tasty burgers to their customers. The rates of their products are reasonable as compared to other companies. In addition to burgers other items are given by them such as shakes, fries, juices etc. Company started an online method of promotion. Customer can see the promotions online and as a result get a chance to win cash prizes and gift card.

Set Of Requirements:

  • User must have a computer along with internet connection.
  • Only the people from United States can apply for it.
  • You are required to provide your personal and contact details.
  • User should be of 18 years or above in order to take part in it.
  • Visit the given URL of the company.

Step By Step Guide:

  • Open the website of the company by assessing the link given as www.Wendys.com/win in order to get Wendy’s promotions.
  • You are required to tick on the option which is marked as “Games” and then move further on by clicking the sub heading labeled as “Instant Win Games”.
  • Now you have to verify time period of your promotion and then play the game according to accessible time.
  • At this point click on the latest promotions which are offered on playing the games.
  • You need to go through all of the promotions and apply for them by entering the necessary details.
  • Click on button marked as” Finish” at the end and wait for the results which will show in few days.