Your Android Phone Can Be Hacked By Typing A Long Password Only

When you see a phone which is locked, you will require a passcode to unlock it. But it can be removed through a way. You can use a tactic of tying a lengthy random password due to which the processor is overloaded and you are then redirected to the home screen of the phone. It might take some time to pull off but in actual, it is not a difficult thing to do.

John Gordon who is a computer security recognized the vulnerability of the password and shown it to everyone through a video. The effect is only for the smartphones in which the newest version of operating system of Android is used which is Lollipop. Actually, it is the process of copy and paste.

What you can do is to open the feature of Emergency call from the phone that is locked. Here few characters are to be typed and these are to be repeated again and again i-e copy and paste them repetitively. The string character is grown here and therefore long characters of almost 40960 length is became due to it.

After that, the camera of the phone is to be opened and the phone is prompted to make a request of a password. The lengthy string of password which you made earlier, should be then pasted and then you have to wait for some time, around 5 minutes and it will take you straight to the phone’s home screen that is unlocked.

Gordon tried to gain the attention of Google in the month of August when he warned the company and told about the vulnerability of the phone. Therefore, a patch for the fault was released by the company during the previous week but the problem will still prevail in the phone unless the software does not get updated.

Google has made the new patch available for its own line of devices. It is available in the several models of Nexus but the company has not yet revealed that when is it going to make it reachable for the other devices in which users have Android software for example LG, Samsung and few other phones. The blame goes to the upgrading system of the Android that is faulty and cellphone network carriers and manufacturers of the phone slows it down.

The fractured system has been acknowledged by the company and it says that there is a possibility through this hacking issue that the SMS messages, phone logs and contacts in the hone are not remained safe which is to be protected by the users.