Youtube Gives Value To Its Mobile Users – New App Design Introduced

YouTube has made amendments in the design of its app in the mobile phones and provided its users a new look which is now available in the android phones and very soon, the Apple users will also be using the YouTube with its new look.

The CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki made the announcement about this new design of the app in the annual online video conference, VidCon which was held in Southern California.

The CEO gave explanation about the design which is a streamlined and it would have three pathways, a personalized home page, a subscription page for channels for which the users have signed up.Interestingly, Wojicicki showed the focus of the companies and the preferences which are on the mobile, mobile and mobile.

The reason behind such focus on the mobile is that YouTube gets its most of the views from the mobile devices and if the growth in the revenue of the company is seen, it has been increasing by 100% every year through the mobile devices. So, these are the main source of revenue for the company and cannot be ignored. Mobile users have a right to see more and better improvements in the design of the YouTube apps.

Wojicicki also explained some new features of the app and their advantages. Users will now have the basic editing and fileting tools in the app and for more convenience of the users, company has made them to be able to create videos and upload them directly from the mobile devices.

Another feature discussed by her was of Vertical Video Play Back. This trend of vertical video playback is new in the video production and it has got fame by snapchat.

According to the CEO, there are some more interesting features which will be available to the mobile users very soon, may be in the next year.

YouTube is the biggest website in terms of the video viewing and the previous year was the best one for the YouTube regarding the revenue and views. Its total watch time has increased by 60 percent in the last two years which is the largest growth for the company so far. Along with this success company is facing, it also has been facing a competition from its rivals like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, therefore it has to take some steps to improve its services.

YouTube has also been involved in the appreciation of its top video makers and Wojicicki also told about the three new production spaces which company opened in New York, Berlin and Sao Paulo last year. YouTube is also planning to open two more production spaces very soon which will be in Toronto and Mumbai.