Privacy Policy

To give you complete information about the privacy policy of our website is necessary to give satisfaction to all visitors who are using our content.

“We believe in privacy of your personal information and we know how to protect and quite vigilantly “

Here you can find complete information about the privacy terms and condition on that we are acting upon and allowing the privacy under these promises. For more updates and information you can access our “Contact US” service.

About Website Visitors:

Like All other websites owners of Website is also tracking the non-personal identification data that web browsers and web servers provides us. We are collecting this kind of non-personal identification here that is mention here below,

  • We are collecting web browsing, language preference, date of browsing, time of browsing.
  • Which site is referring the visitor to visit us?
  • Which type of browser is most common in between our site visitors?
  • Which device is being used by the visitors?
  • Which is the service provider of the Visitor?
  • Which one operating system of the Visitor?

Why We Gather Personal Non-identification information?

We collect personal non identification information on the behalf of the visitor interaction. We collect personal identification information or some amount of personal identification information to see the activities of the Visitors. But we don’t disclose this information due to our privacy policies but sometime we have to reveal some personal identification information due to these reasons.

  • The statistic collected by the website depend upon the behavior of the Visitors
  • We may show the personal identification information publically or use to give this information to others depends on the nature of action which demand this to do so.
  • We only disclose personal identification to its employees or contractors for some business purposes or for other reasons.
  • The employees and contractors who will use this information will work under our privacy policy and will not disclose this information with our permission
  • Our website will disclose this information under the law and legal requirements
  • If any Visitor will share its email address, or name in to the forum and comment area then we will not responsible to protect these detail as these sections are publically visible.


The content or information that is shared on “The Flud” holds copyrights. Our content is useful for the visitor until it stay on this website. Any Visitor or User is not allowed to use our content without our permission.

Cookies & Ads:

We are sending cookies to user’s devices to collect your browsing data and usage of or website information but if any user is not comfortable to share these details with us then can deny by changing the setting of web browser setting. Every user can disable the option of cookies history to its web browser to avoid us to collect cookies details.

Our website will display some advertisements and Google AdSense and these both will send cookies to get your interest and impress you. If you will not share cookies detail with the site then both can access your interest and will share random advertisement on this site for you. Google AdSense don’t use cookies however to sell the services.

Updates In Our Privacy Policies:

We are clear here with our decision that we are permissible to change our privacy policies with the passage of time and requirement of time. So Users who are using our information should check our privacy policies to get update about latest terms and conditions.