Anyone Could Be A Musician By The Imogen Heap’s Sci-Fi!

Story highlights:

The Grammy award winner, whose name is Imogen heaps is well known for his fusion of music and technology.

Gloves that are used in are motions tracking sensors and electronics to create sounds. These gloves help in creating the sounds that are hidden deep inside the computer.

With just the movement of her wrist the drum starts beating. The familiar beat of the drum spreads in the studio. But this performance is musical with many turns.

For a start, the “studio” is actually a changed barn deep near the side of the country. The female is playing the “instrument” and her name is Grammy Award-winning musician Imogen Heap. And the drum that she is beating is not in real.

The founder of all the technology that is wearable and the music, Heap is a totally unique octave. She calls them her Mi. Mu gloves. The gloves, that gives the ability creation of entirely new musical composition.

Heap said that she wanted to create something that is directed from the brain and quick to start merely with the hand gesture.

During the visit to media lad, Heap came to know about Elly Jessop who is an engineer and creating her own musical gloves. Heap got many ideas at that time and soon she made her team of music directors, makers, technologists and many more who gave many ideas to her that were helpful in her project.

Five fast years and now a thing that was dreamt by her was changing into reality. Famous for her collection of acoustic sounds, electronics and the technology, she hopes that the gloves will be helpful and give more excitement to fans of her music.

Each glove is having many sensors, buzzers and many buttons that all gives much information back to the system wirelessly by software. It then translates each movement and produces different kinds of sounds.

The engineer of Mi. Mu gloves, whose name is Kelly Snook said that it is having sensors in the fingers that sense the movement and the bending of the fingers, including the thumb as well. Some sensors of the motions like accelerometers, magnetometers etc sense all this. She is the one who is working on these gloves since the time when its concept was introduced to them many years ago.

There is always a relation between both of them but now heap thinks that with these gloves the performance on stage is going to be the best one.

Movement is the main point for her as she is having a body and in that body she is having a mind and in that mind she is having the music, means that there is a sequence in each point.

The gloves are creating excitement among the people and the music makers are quite enthusiastic to get their hands on these gloves. At first the project was a kick start but now later the hackers and the engineers took part in the funding and took genuine interest in it. They work with team by providing them the required information and the feedback from using their own pair of gloves.

Heap said that these pair of gloves has changed the way I use to make music and now I know it will make further progress in the world.

Login To Mybenefit By Accessing The Metlife

Well, benefit programs are very common thing these days. In old days people need to go at different places to get their different benefits from their job but nowadays you can get your benefits with your online account. You can create your online account free of cost by just completing some easy online steps and it will not take more than ten minutes to complete the whole process. Now you can access to Metlife and get your benefits without spending anything.

 You can access and manage your Metlife account by doing some easy and simple steps. The steps are written below for your guidance:-

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  • At next step you have to provide some information in required columns.
  • By doing these easy steps keep creating your user name and password to get register with the website.
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In this account you do not have to make calls or go there to get your statement. By just completing this online process once you will be able to receive your statements without paying anything.

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Now in modern age we can almost buy anything online. There are some forums which provide medical assistance these days as well one of them is Express Scripts. They are not only providing pharmacy facility but they are also providing their health care tips and medications through their online doctors.

If you do not have Express Scripts account yet, now you can create your online account by doing some simple steps which are stated below for your guidance:-

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Medical issues are with us since our birth. Most of us do visit doctors for routine checkups and for other medications. It is very common thing to go to a hospital or visit at your personal doctor’s clinic. But nowadays you can have all these facilities sitting at your home by using some online platforms. Express Scripts is one of them and providing all kind of medical assistance to their users.

Redeem Your Reward Points By Accessing The Capital One

These days we see different financial corporation working with their different rules and regulations. Capital One is a well known financial corporation working in United States of America. They offer different facilities to its customers like home mortgage, credit cards and different loans etc.

If you had your credit card you can redeem your reward points easily by completing the following steps:-

  • Need a computer with internet connection.
  • Your Capital One’s credit card.
  • Online account of Capital One.
  • Now follow the steps and redeem your reward points easily.
  • You need to visit Capital One’s official website i.e. to redeem your online reward points.
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They have started their business in late 80s and providing very good facilities to its valued customers. They offer reward credit card facility so their card holders can create an online account to maintain their reward points and can use them as they like to use. This will also help them to keep an eye on their earning and other account details.

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You can get different benefits by just enrolling yourself to card member service. Most of us do use different kinds of credit and debit cards. These cards are provided by the different banks and with its different features and qualities. It is very important to get a card which provides you the best available facilities. CARDMEMBER is the place from you can get the best possible facilities available. By using this facility you can manage your account as you want to and from where you want to. You can keep an eye on your routine account transactions sitting at your home or office.

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Enter some other information to verify your account:-

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Get News Updates Regarding Unclaimed Property By Accessing NAUPA

If you had left a place without giving a new address to state department and your personal property has been possessed by someone else and now you has lost your ownership documentation this is called unclaimed property. There is a platform which is build for your guidance and help to solve your problems regarding unclaimed property. Finding your lost property is not that difficult these days due to different platforms available and you do not have to go anywhere to get your problem solved. You can do this job sitting at your home by just visiting NAUPA’s official website and providing some of your personal information.

The question is how you can search and reclaim your property and the answer is very simple and stated below for your help:-

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  • It will not take more than 10 minutes to complete your search and it will not cost you much.

NAUPA is an authority which solves problems regarding the property which is unclaimed due to different reasons and needs an ownership of its real owner. It works under the federal authority of the state. The main purpose of the department is to find the real owner of the property and handover the said property by doing the needful.

One Day A Robot Will Be Your Chef!

In our each day of life we make many automatic things then why not cooking? This is the main goal of Sereneti. The first step for this purpose is first step is making Of Cooki that is an automatic cooking Machine that the firm is creating as a Keurig for food.

A user of the robot can select the recipe from the food application that is joined to it and the remaining task is of the robot. The recipe ingredients are added by the robot that cooks and stirs, turns and mix, or it uses its robotic arms used for the processing. There is a pan with the Cooki that is used for the cooking by the robot and sets it according to the temperature.

The New Year in the consumers electronics show for the first time this robot came in front of people. The president of Sereneti used the application so that he can order the unit to make noodles for serving. The robot went through different steps of cooking, adding, mixing, stirring, adding base then stirring more etc.

The demo of this robot used a fairly quick and simple recipe, but Chen made Cooki to be able to follow all instructions of cooking and directions that it gets from the food application.

There are many useful aspects of having a robot for cooking. Is you are hungry but too lazy to cook, planning of getting takeouts or to use frozen food as a skip, then of course there are disadvantages of all these kinds of foods. At this time the Cooki robot can provide you the best food without any struggle from your side. As Cooki follows the recipes as it is, thats why it also gives the best food.

Serenti has a lot of experimentation to do before this cooking robot will come in front of public. The first step of this robot will be having the basics but gradually Chen is having bigger plans for the future.

First Impression Of The Speakers; Devialet Phantom!

Investing on the hardware of home theater is kind of wasting, especially when we are talking about the speakers. We are having many options and ranges of speakers to choose and home audio is not the same one as that of Smartphone. You will not be in need of replacing your setup after every two years

In other words you can say that when you spend money into a setup that is not according to your level of perfection then your luck is not working if that thing is out of budget for you. It is not something shocking that many audiophiles and geeks waste huge sums of money on their computer systems. They are investing for their own happiness and they will need more to be happy in the coming years.

In the past the speakers were huge boxes with many cables attached to it. Now that concept of speakers is totally changed. Give a try to Devialet Phantom that is one of the products introduced in the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s not only slim and shiny, its design is totally amazing and after first look, you cannot save yourself from thinking about it again and again.

Because of its appearance the Devialet Phantom has fit among other luxurious designs that we are seeing from many years. The manufacturers like Bang and Olufsen or Panasonic are really excited to get these designs by having a hold on burgeoning designs in the market.

The designs of other companies are really nice but under those design all these speakers are just the same. That’s the point where is standing different from the speakers of other companies and is meeting the requirements of the people.

These speakers are really fascinating and when you get the first look, you want them at once for yourself. Its body is clean and shiny and of the children from 80’s could be really excited to get them and will not miss a chance of having them.

Wherever you put these speakers on a table or a side stand no doubt that point will become the one to take pictures again and again. It’s your choice which model you would like to buy, either the one with silver shiny body or the one with over all white body, you can also choose 3000 watts or the one with 750 watts.

But the body of these rare speakers is just not for show off but it is made for the following functions.

When the music is played by these speakers, the Devalets are quite a sight to have a look. The two circular domes that are on the outer body of the speakers are small woofers and when you increase the volume they bulge out and in from the pitch of volume. If you try to capture a picture when it’s happening you will not be able to click a picture as their speed is more faster than the shutter of a camera.

Like many other high technology setups, these speakers can work on Wi-Fi network made by tiny router that is called Dialog and easily cover the audio. Most of the systems can work easily in your Wi-Fi but the ability of dialog is far more than that level.

Activate Your Card By Accessing Green Dot Reloadable Prepaid Cards

Well, nowadays there are so many persons using their prepaid cards with great effect and enjoying this great facility. If you get your prepaid card now the next process is to activate your card. There are three possible methods to activate your card. The first one is that you have to go to issuer bank to get your card active. The 2nd option is you can activate your prepaid card by calling the helpline number. The 3rd option is the right and easy choice to adopt it is online way of activating your card. You have to visit Green Dot’s official website to get activate your prepaid card.

  • You need a computer with internet connection.
  • You need your prepaid card number and some other information which may be your personal password and user name.
  • Simply visit
  • Provide following details as asked.
  • Your card number.
  • Expiry date of your prepaid card.
  • Your security code.
  • Your social security number.
  • Card Pin number. If you do not have the Pin number then you can get your Pin number here by clicking the button “Get my Pin number”
  • Provide a text code which is written below the empty box to finish the online process.
  • Now you have done with activation process and your card will be activated after given time period which will be a few hours time.

You can use your prepaid card with great effect without bothering anything about your card. Normally these cards do have its limits which will be depending on your card type. These cards are a great source of purchasing anything from different markets without keeping a huge amount in your pocket.

Create A Free Account By Visiting Engrade

These days education is gone so costly so there are many who cannot afford to hire a tutor. For this purpose there are some online platforms available which are doing great job for the common man so they can get benefit from them. Engrade is one platform which is providing basic school trading online without charging anyone.

You can create your online account by using following information:-

  • You need to have a computer and a internet connection.
  • You should be a legal resident of the state.
  • Now simply visit webpage which is
  • Of course you are a new user so you have to create your online account first.
  • On this main page you will see three columns. Provide your first / last name and your             email address. You will not have to create your new email address. You can use your existing email ID.
  • Now press the below blue button of “Start My Free Account”.
  • On the next page you need to enter your details what your want to do by creating this             account.
  • Provide following details to continue:-
  1. Your basic details.
  2. Your email address.
  3. Your mobile number.
  4. Your email address and password.
  5. Your access code.
  6. You’re your school’s zip code.
  • Now you can create your online account by pressing the “Create Account” button which  is located at the bottom.

Now you have completed your online process so you can start your online work as you like. They are having great system of knowledge so you will not think to go anywhere else. All you need to do is to just sign in first to get started and let the rest on their shoulders.