Register To Sears Choice Reward Points Redemption

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The Sears is the American best discount store in the United States. For years, it offers the high standard gifts, bags and other services and products to the customers within the country. To gain more loyalty, the company has introduced the Reward Program which is another attractive promotional strategy for the Master Card Holders.

To avail this reward point redeem on your card, follow the steps as below.

How To Sign Up

  • Go to the website to get the redeem points of your shopping after registering an account.
  • As the new page open, with all the benefits and features are mentioned which are offered to the customer. You could get this reward if you are a member of the company account on this website. Locate the “Member Login” tab on the corner of the window. This will open either sign in form for the registered members or the registration form for non-users.
  • Already an active user of this account, then simply enter your login details in the given boxes of username and password. This will open your user account on the website for further redemption of your reward points.
  • If the above step is new for you, then you don’t have an account on the website and you need to provide valid information for the registration of an account. To sign up, go to the labeled button “ Register Now” which will open a new form for the non-registered users.
  • To start a new account on the website, you will find a form after the step 4, so now provide all the valid required information in the available fields. First, enter your card number in the box. This would be printed on the front of your MasterCard.
  • Provide your card name in the next box. This would be printed with the card number on the front of the card.
  • Enter your signature panel last 3 digits in the next box. This would be located on the back of this card. If you are not sure about the number, then simply contact the company for queries.
  • At the last option, enter your SSN in the field. This would confirm your residence in the United States of America as a citizen.
  • Next, you need to provide basic information about yourself, such as address, surname, first name, contact details and so on.
  • After successfully provided all the information in the above mentioned fields, now go to the “verify” button to complete the process.

You need to redeem these reward points within three days of your reward purchase points on the company product.